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   Curriculum Vitae

1967 - 1971 Princeton University. Graduated magna cum laude.
1975 - Present Many college-level law and securities courses. Active license from California Department of Real Estate.

1991 - Present Court-Appointed Receiver, Bankruptcy Ch. 11 Examiner and C.R.O.; Receivers Incorporated.
Wide-ranging experience as State Court-appointed Receiver, Bankruptcy Court Examiner, Chapter 11 Trustee, Chief Restructuring Officer, and Assignee in Assignments for Benefit of Creditor. In insolvency and liquidation arenas, has handled the disposition of every type of real property (shopping centers, major hotels and recreation projects, large office buildings, strip centers, apartment complexes, industrial buildings and warehouses), airline industry assets, high-tech companies, public company shells, and mergers. Responsible for the disposition of over $500 million in assets.
1988 - 1991 President; Pacific Loan Management Corporation.
Specialized in full range of loan servicing, trust deed foreclosures, delinquent loan recovery, receiverships, and REO disposal.
1981 - 1988 Executive Vice President, Chief Operating Officer; Cal Star Financial Services, Inc.
Full service mortgage banker with diversified financial services, including mortgage origination, loan servicing, FNMA & FHLMC loan purchases, and delinquent asset servicing; succeeded in taking company public, obtaining NASDAQ listing, and attaining mortgage funding of $100 million per year.
1978 - 1981 Managing Partner; Portola Pacific Financial.
Responsible for real estate acquisition, refinancing, refurbishment, and resale of distressed property throughout Northern California.
Prior Licensed securities broker with National Association of Securities Dealers, specializing in real estate and trust deed investments.

  • Over 30 years in the business of problem asset recovery, receiverships, Bankruptcy Court cases, delinquent loan management and business liquidations.

  • Appointed in state and federal courts as receiver for real property in California, Washington, and Arizona.

  • Approved by United States Bankruptcy Court to be Examiner and Chapter 11 Trustee.

  • Experienced as Assignee in Assignment for Benefit of Creditor business liquidations.

  • Appointed as Chief Restructuring Officer in many Chapter 11 Bankruptcy cases throughout California.

  • Experienced as receiver for all types of commercial real estate, including hotels, high-rise office buildings, strip centers, major shopping centers, apartment complexes, and boat marinas. Also experienced with business receiverships specializing in loan servicing and trust deed investment companies.

  • Licensed by California Department of Real Estate.

  • Expert witness in over 50 cases; qualified as expert in areas of foreclosure, loan servicing, and trust deed valuation.

  • Bondable for any dollar amount required.

  • Frequent speaker to professional banking groups on foreclosure and uses of receiverships.

  • Co-author of The Receivership Handbook: Legal Principles and Practical Approaches Concerning Court-appointed Receivers, published in 1999.